Doula y asesora de lactancia
Doula and lactation consultant


Pregnancy, Labour and Birth

Throughout your pregnancy we will create a special bond, talk about your doubts and fears, I’ll provide you information based on scientific evidence so you can make all the decisions and be the protagonist when you give birth. On your labour day I will be by your side to support you and make sure you feel strong, capable and safe. I can use different techniques such as massages to relieve the pain, help you focus on breathing, hold your hands, tell you encouraging words and listen to you activelly. 


The real postpartum is not like the movies show us. It can be confusing, hard, tiring… I’ll be by your side in this process of discovering yourself as a mother. The hormones may be out of control and there’s a lot going on inside your mind and heart, right? To bond with your baby, make skin to skin contact and breastfeeding are very important things… and can also be joyfull!


Is it painful to breasfeed your baby? Do you feel like you don’t produce enough milk? Are you confused about breastfeeding methodes or what are the best practices? Are you mixing maternal and artificial milk and want to make sure you’re doing it correctly? Od you you have the wish to get back to exclusive maternal milk feeding? Are you anxious about getting back to work and continue to breastfeed? I can help and support you!

“If doula were a medicine, it would be unethical not to prescribe it.” – John H. Khennel

Why should you hire a doula?

Every woman deserves to have a doula by her side!

The work of a doula is personalized and respectful. She is available to listen to you and solve your doubts.

The presence of a doula can decrease the frequency of unnecessary interventions during the labour/birth as well as the unnecessary c-section rates.

The doula will help you during the hardest moments of labour and birth. She is a person that already knows you. When you hire a doula, the baby’s father or the other mother can live this moment in an intense and conscious way.

The doula’s work is not over after your baby is born. She will by your side during the postpartum and help you with breastfeeding, if you wish so.

About me

My name is Gabi Torrezani, I’m Brazilian and live in Barcelona since 2017. To support women in their maternity processes is my passion and personal mission. 

I’ve got my first training as a doula in Brazil in 2016, by completing the full module of Revelando Doulas (120 hours). In Barcelona I certified myself as doula and lactation consultant at Instituto Marenostrum.

I work as an autonomous doula and lactation consultant. I’ll never judge you and will always support your choices.

Besides being a doula I am graduated in Audiovisual Production and have just started my second career: Nursery School at Universitat de Barcelona so I can become a midwife in the future. I also consider myself a LGBT rights activist.

Client Testimonials

Choose Gabi as your doula! She was by my side since I was trying to get pregnant and then during pregnancy, labour, postpartum… until now! 

Gabi is one of the most caring and funny persons I’ve known and also a great “nerd”, in the best sense of the term. What I mean is, she has listened to all my doubts and fears with a lot of compreension and provided me scientific data and studies. She knows a lot about all this universe because she has studied hard, I’m sure her knowledge is updated. 

Gabi was available for me 24/7, answering my messages really fast. I had issues to breastfeed and Gabi was very comprehensive and helped me so my baby could latch well and finally I was able to breastfeed with no pain. 

I surely recomend her work! 

Paula Bertola

Gabi was like a ray of light in my personal journey. Firstly I was sure I wanted a c-section, but I started to search for more information thanks to Gabi. She provided me a lot of information in a very nice way, she never judged me… She supported all of my decisions. Gabi helped me doing my birth plan (which by the way has served as a template to many friends of mine!) and I felt like she was a source of emocional safety. Thanks to Gabi, my baby Vinicius chose the day he was born and I felt I was ready to know him. And even most important: Gabi was super helpful during the postpartum and I feel I can still count on her if I need to (my baby is 2 years old now lol). Thank you, Gabi! 

Dannie Karam

I don’t know where to start… I can say Gabi is my doula and my friend! She was by our side during the pregnancy and even though she was not present during my labour (because she was already living in Barcelona and I live in Brazil), I felt safe to make the best decisions. She has always been very caring, respectful and provided us a lot of information so we could have the natural birth we were dreaming of. She taught my husband some tecniques to decrease the pain during labour and that helped me a lot! After my baby girl was born, Gabi also helped me to breastfeed and to go through the postpartum. Thank you very much Gabi, the doula’s work is tranforming and magic. You do it with all your love and truth. 

Fernanda Kurunczi

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If you want to meet me so we can have a cup of tea and know more about myself, my work as a doula or lactation consultant, I’ll be more than happy to meet you!